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Hot Topics for September.

There are always conflicts as different companies define their product support policies.  This is especially true as the market moves to Vista.

For example, Peachtree 2006 cannot run on Vista, unless you disable Vista's remote desktop.  (This means that the critical features that Vista users need on a network have to be disabled for the business to use Peachtree.)  They have a patch for versions 2007 and now 2008.

Another example comes from Peachtree's Knowledgebase (Answer ID 633).  Question:  Will my Peachtree Accounting (Windows version) work with Windows XP?  

Answer   "Releases 2005 and higher of Peachtree First Accounting, Peachtree Accounting, Peachtree Pro Accounting, Peachtree Complete Accounting, Peachtree Premium Accounting, Peachtree Premium Accounting Accountants' Edition, Peachtree Premium Accounting for Manufacturing, Peachtree Premium Accounting for Distribution, Peachtree Premium Accounting for Construction, and Peachtree Premium Accounting for NonProfit, were tested and works with Windows XP. Although previous versions of Peachtree may work on Windows XP, there is no guarantee because Windows XP was not available for testing at the time of previous Peachtree releases. In order to ensure that your version of Peachtree is compatible with Windows XP, Peachtree encourages you to upgrade to the latest Peachtree Accounting product release. For information on ordering Peachtree Accounting, please refer to the following link on our Web site: "

To most of users, this seems like a silly answer, because Windows XP was launched in October of 2001.  The beta code was available in early 2000.   However, Sage's development team must not have been able to test their Peachtree code until they were writing Peachtree 2005. 

Regardless of all issues, any customer who chooses to use Peachtree has to live with the limitations of Sage Software. 

The same thing is true for all software products, not just Sage and Peachtree.  This is just an entertaining example of the mismatch between the computer Operating Systems and Application Development. 

We have to have current information to make good decisions.  And, sometimes, the information is surprising. 

JK Technologies can research your mission critical applications to find out if they will run on Vista, before you find out the surprising answer..

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