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Monster Bugs!
An Exposť of Digital Stupidity...

 Ever since Admiral Grace Hopper "debugged" the first computer in 1945, computer users have
had to deal with computer errors   These "bugs" are costly in terms of time and/or money.   Frequently, these bugs are conflicts between programs that were never tested together.  Sometimes, they're just stupid because the product was rushed to the marketplace.  Manufacturer's fix their software bugs in service packs, or driver updates.  However, it takes time and money for the user (or consultant) has to correctly diagnose the bug, before they can find the update.  JK Technologies will share the "Monster Bugs" as we find them.  The more documentation on the Internet; the easier they are to find.

Monster Bugs: Table of Contents

NEW!SharePoint 2436 error 0x80041201 --difficult to find simple solution

Adobe CS2 and Adobe PageMaker corrupts Windows

Daylight Savings Time Issues

Disable Windows 7 and the new UAC control to install programs

Upgrade an HP computer to Service Pack 2 and it crashes
ERROR c0000135

HP Deskjet Software Stops installing at 7%. 

January 2007 Bug in Adobe Reader is serious

NAIL.EXE won't go away

Sage Act! 7 (2009) installer is incompatible with SBS 2003
ERROR:  Failed to open a connection to the database

Symantec Antivirus 10.0 causes PC reboot when accessed via RDP

Symantec Endpoint 11, MR5 on Windows Server 2008 R2 and MR4 on Vista 32 Bit, SP2

VISTA can't access the website on some Konica-Minolta BizHubs

VISTA:  Copied files grow indefinitely


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