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Hurricane and other major storms are unpredictable.  In particular, no one can predict how lightening or electricity will flow which makes it imperative that your network is prepared for the weekend's weather. 

  • Check your backups.  Backup any SQL databases.
  • Cut off your desktop computers at the end of the workday ahead of the storm.
  • It's a great idea to unplug the PC power in case a local power line is pulled down.
  • Windows servers can be powered down, just like Windows XP.  The server should be the last computer to shut down, and the first computer to start up.  Log in as administrator and press “Start” and then “Shutdown.”  (Enter the storm’s name in the reason box.) 
  • If hurricane strength storms are projected, power down your servers and then throw the breaker at the electrical panel, if practical.  Move all computers to interior hallways away from windows.  If that is not possible, cover any hardware with plastic coverings to prevent water damage in the event a window breaks.  Avoid any storage location that can flood. 

NOTES:  For companies under contract with us, JK Technologies may log on to your server(s) and power down your server if it seems prudent.   

If you’re under our backup plan, JK Technologies will have a recent backup of your data that we store away from your site.


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