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Upgrade an HP computer to Service Pack 2 and it crashes

 We always recommend standard PCs for business, because of the total cost of ownership.  Here's an example of a PC that is cool, but doesn't follow our reasoning.

 A client has an older HP/Compaq laptop, with all kinds of cool video/TV inputs.  She upgraded to XP SP2, just as she should have...  However, it crashed her computer.  It has STOP ERROR  c0000135

But, it's not Microsoft's fault.  The bug is in the driver for the video/TV inputs.  HP says that you have to upgrade those drivers, before installing Service Pack 2.  See their article here. 

 There's no way that the client could know about HP's instructions ahead of time.  In our opinion, HP should have produced better drivers for their software from the beginning.

JK TECH SOLUTION:    Regardless of blame, in order to fix the problem, we have uninstall the bad version of Service Pack 2 by following Microsoft's instructions (here).  Then, we have to follow HP's instructions (here) and then upgrade to Service Pack 2 via Microsoft's upgrade site.

 This cheaper laptop just cost our client a lot of money.  The Total Cost of Ownership for this unit is too high.