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HP Deskjet Software Stops installing at 7%. 

 HP's DeskJet and Photo Printers require additional software to run.  However the instalation just stops at 7%, and slowly creeps up for hours.

 HP documents the bug here,  "HP Photosmart Printers - Installation Stops at 7%"  However, the documentation is wrong.  It happened to us on a HP desktop, and the steps don't work at all.   Furthermore, the downloadable "Driver Only" package does the exact same thing.

We suspect that the problem is that the PC had several preloaded HP printer drivers and photo software already in place.  We suspect that the problem is a conflict between the new programs on the install disk and the existing programs on the PC

 JK TECH WORKAROUND:  Ignore the setup chart.   Plug in the Printer into the USB port and let the "New Hardware Found" install just the printer driver.  The CD will then try to install.  When the software starts to install, click cancel at the first opportunity.  The printer works perfectly.