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Adobe CS2 and Adobe PageMaker corrupts Windows

 There is a massive bug in Adobe's CS2.  CS2 is used in graphics design and publishing office.  This bug wasted 70+ hours of un-billable time and cost the client lost productivity.  At the time the bug was undocumented outside of Adobe.  Adobe did not acknowledge the bug for the first 6 phone calls to Adobe's tech support.  On tech support call #7, they told us about the bug. 

We had already rebuilt the PC 3 times and even replaced the PC hardware completely.

If you install CS2 and PageMaker on the same system, PageMaker is absolutely unstable.  Furthermore, the PC can be unstable.  Adobe has published a knowledge base article "PageMaker 7.x crashes after you install Adobe Creative Suite 2 or Illustrator CS2 (Windows) Issue"  

However, Adobe still doesn't understand the extent of the problem.  A few weeks of the CS2/PageMaker crashes made the PC unstable in other programs.  It damaged the Windows registry and corrupted the Adobe data files of the PC.  The client was "not happy."

Furthermore, the Event Viewer does not report any problems, because PageMaker' isn't designed to work with the event logs

JK TECH WORKAROUND:  The only safe solution with this "Monster Bug" is to wipe the PC, install the software freshly, perform Adobe's "fix" by removing the problem fonts and then install the remaining software and printer drivers.